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Visual Merchandising Vintage Style
 I Have been reading through a lot of the Vintage Visual Merchandising and it dawned on me that I should put I thoughts to a Blog! I do all the Visual Displays here at Time Warp Vintage. I have YEARS (35) of visual merchandising experience and I am a master floral designer and Oddity Art Designer as well. 

Most important!!!!
1. Clean Clean Clean! 
   A. When ever an item comes in regardless of what it is or if it "looks" clean it is             NOT! So everything must be cleaned. 
   B. Be aware of the product you use to clean the items, always test a strong                 cleaning solution before using. A lot of modern day cleaners can destroy                 vintage items. 
   C. When cleaning a section remove everything from a section and use a                 damp cloth to to clean the shelf/table - by doing this it ensures that you are             touching every item, inspecting to ensure there is no damage and reminds you       what inventory you have.
Whenever we have a new employee start we have them clean areas to not only learn how we clean but to inform them on what we have. It is amazing how much 
cleaning will add to your bottom line. 

More To Come! 

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