Thank you for thinking of Time Warp when considering Selling your vintage / antique items.  

We know that selling vintage / antique items that were in your family can be difficult.  Many people feel their items are part of their family at times and they tend to feel that these items are priceless or of great value and they are to you! We say that with the utmost respect.  We find that people tend to put what we in the resale industry call "Sentimental Value" on many of their items. It becomes difficult when this is the case, emotions can blind a person to the true resale value of their items.   

Below you will find all the information you will need when considering Time Warp as an avenue when selling your items.  

You must be at least 18 years of age for us to buy from you.
We require you to have valid Identification to buy from you , we will make a copy of it and it will be place on file. (Acceptable ID's are Drivers License, State ID or Passport)   

Please be advised that we DO NOT DO APPRAISALS!    

We buy by appointment ONLY in the store, we do not take walk-in's.  
To make an appointment please call the store at (586) 362-8843 (during business hours)

  • We will ask you the type of items you are wanting to sell and will ask that you send photos to our buyer via email or text (email & text # will be given at that time) this is to eliminate items that you will not have to pack up and bring if it is something we are not interested in.   

Top items we look for: 
*1950's to 1990's 
1. Costume Jewelry / Silver Jewelry 
2. Mid Century Furniture 
3. Boy's Toys / Men's Smalls 
4. Vintage Clothes ( 1990's and older) 
5. Vintage Housewares 
6. Local items (Detroit and surrounding cities) 
7. Ephemera (Paper items) 
8. Oddities 
9. Vintage Souvenir items
If you have an appointment and you are in the store with a buyer, Once the Buyer gives you an offer and you politely decline that offer may not be honored at a future date, in this industry items fluctuate all the time, meaning your item may have increased in value or dropped in value. Another appointment will be necessary to research that item again.  

Being demanding, pushy, persistent or rude will only result in us NOT setting an appointment at all! Any threatening behavior in the store will result in Police being involved. 
We DO NOT pay eBay or any selling site's prices – those tend to be inflated or at the least Retail Pricing and no profit can be made.  
We have to be able to make a profit off the items we sell in order to remain in business.  

1. Any item that is 1999 and newer 
2. Beanie Babies / Plush  
3. Trading Cards (Sports, Gaming, I.e.) 1980 and newer 
4. Decorative/Collector Plates  
5. Most Clear Glass (may be interested in Figurines made from clear glass)  
6. China / Dinnerware Sets (Mid Century Patterns may be of interest)  
7. Silver Plate items / Silver Plate Flatware sets  
8. Most Large Furniture (Bedroom sets, Buffet's, I.e.) some Mid Century may be of interest 
9. Stamps / Money 
10. Gold / Fine Jewelry 
11. DVD's / VHS 
12. Avon Bottles / Dishes 
13 Commemorative Liquor Bottles / Steins  
14. Large Appliances  
15. Clothes Newer than 2000 
Any Firearms must be 100 Years or older for us to even look at it – you must have proof of age.

16.Poercelian dolls 

Jasmine Bucholtz

Jasmine Bucholtz is not just the Owner/Founder/CEO of 586 Organics, she is also the Co-Host of Time Warp Vintage's LIVE SHOW ON TUESDAYS; Time Warp Tuesdays! She also does youth advocacy work with M.A.D.D when she can! If you'd like to check out her website, click the green button below!

586 Organics

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Jasmine & Jason

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Program coordinator for M.A.D.D

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