About The Owners!

TIME WARP, LLC is owned and operated by Steve Heintz and Jason Waldron. We have been at our current location for going on 13 years.

Steve has been buying and selling Antiques and Collectables for more then 35 years. Steve grew up here in St. Clair Shores and Warren. “Some of my earliest memories is going to garage sales with my Mom (Lila) ever since then it has been in my blood”. Steve is well known locally for his broad knowledge and expertise in Vintage and Antique items. Steve is the main buyer for TIME WARP, LLC and oversees all Purchases that flow through TIME WARP both in our store and online. Steve looks for items that old, odd, different, unique or of a quality or design that makes a Vintage item better then most!

Jason has over 25 years of retail and merchandising experience with large big box retailers. Jason grew up in San Diego California and came to Michigan in 2000. I have been working with Steve for the past 10 years learning and building my passion for the Vintage and Antique Business. I am continuously following trends in both design and fashion so that we can bring you the most current desirable Vintage and Antique items. Jason oversees all sales, merchandising and online functions of the company.

Jason Waldron

As most of you may know Jason and Steve are the main faces behind Time Warp Vintage, but Jason does more than just run Time Warp Vintage & Time Warp Live; He also plays a large hand in Caffeinated Conversations with Brooke Allen! That is live streamed every Monday @ 10 AM sharp! Waldron also has a MAJOR hand in the world-wide known non-profit organization M.A.D.D (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). Time Warp sponsors the Michigan Walk Like M.A.D.D fundraiser every year so you'll be sure to find Jason, Steve and Jasmine there every time! Want to Donate to M.A.D.D? Want to attend the yearly fundraiser / walk? Send us an email!

Watch Caffeinated Conversations here!

Steve Heintz *Co- Owner

Steve is Time Warp's Co-Owner, main buyer and the all seeing eye. Steve is extremely knowledgeable on and off the sales floor! Steve has been collecting since he was a child, If he finds any unique or different piece he makes sure to snag it. Steve doesn't just shop with his taste but your taste in mind as well. Steve also makes sure we have the freshest inventory every day / week! Make sure to follow us on Facebook to keep up with the newest haul!

Time Warp Vintage Facebook page

Jasmine Bucholtz

Jasmine is Jason's Co-host Tuesday nights on TWL and she also makes appearances from time to time with Jason on and off camera. She also is our website disgner! cool right?! She also helps us edit and design o She works instore and her favorite things are Vintage Streetwear, Bratz, Betty Boop, cats and frogs! She has been with us over a year and a half now! WOW! She has a small business her self and if you'd like to check it out, her hand-soap is in all of restrooms in store! 586 Organics has all your body needs! 586 Organics is an all ORGAINC AND VEGAN body care brand, made with YOU in mind. Click that link below!

586 Organics

Jason Walter

Jason Walter has been a member of the Time Warp family since 2018, creating online listings and working in-store. A native Iowan with degrees in English and Art History, he has worked in the retail book industry for over 15 years and maintains a voracious interest in art, literature, comic books and film. He spends his time working with Time Warp, suburban homesteading and managing The Ignoble Bookseller, online purveyors of lost & used books, vintage literature and eclectic reading materials, as well as creating content for art collective Ignoble Arts in paint, ink, charcoal and pencil and spending time with his family and numerous pets.

The Ignoble Bookseller

Nikki J.

Nikki has been apart of the Time Warp Vintage crew since the beginning and has always had a part behind scenes of our house-made (processed here inshop) Taxidermy wet / dry.

Nikki is also a small business owner! Here she re-creates Precious Moments into Morbid Moments. Some of her work can be found IN-STORE here at Time Warp OR online! During her free time she hosts trivia nights and runs a booth inside of the Conservatory in SCS, MI. She make a couple every day when she can, she has plans to do all the "slasher movie" guys before Halloween. She uses simple acrylic paints and clear coat them for protection and sealing. Nikki considers them a form of recycling and would never destroy ACTUAL valuable collectibles, being a life-long antique dealer and collector.

Morbid Moments


Ms. Lenore is a Ms. Autorama contestant and multiple time winner, she is a small business entrepreneur and a great friend to us all at Time Warp! Ms. Lenore own's Pretty Little Things which is a small business aimed to use only vintaged recycled goods from broken or mismatched jewelry. ALL PIECES ARE ONE OF ONE. Want to know whe

Pretty Little Things